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Welcome to the United Nigeria Association website.

The United Nigeria Association is a non-profit and non-political organization of Nigerians, and those otherwise qualified of our citizenship, living in the homeland and in the Diaspora.

The UNA is established out of the simple dream to raise awareness and patriotism among the Nigerian people. Its original aim is to bring together the principal workers of the unity, and that is to work for a common cause.

Our Mission

United Nigeria Association aims to strengthen the bond in all Nigeria, promote patriotism and solidarity among its people, and push forward the development of our great potentials towards an effective and dynamic nation.

Today, United Nigeria Association is paving its way through and across realms, diligently scouting for initiatives, and continually making a difference. We see the future as full of possibilities for our children, our grandchildren, and for all generations to come. We seek not the progress of today, but live with grace, so tomorrow will be something our future contemporaries could live with love and dignity.

Our Goals

Bound by personal commitments, United Nigeria Association is a collaboration of Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora who work together towards the following goals:

  • To inculcate humane and principled awareness of the current Nigerian initiatives
  • To promote active involvement and civic responsibility
  • To synergize as one for the socio-economic leverage of our citizens
  • To advocate for human rights and against racism and discrimination
  • To encourage the enrichment of our rich culture and tradition

To meet these objectives, we target and work on the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Citizen Empowerment
  • Civic Conferences
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Healthcare Advocacy
  • Technological Advancement
  • Economic Leverage
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Social Engagement

We are established to represent, to unite, and to be a strong manifestation that when we work together, we achieve better. Join the premier United Nigeria Association today!

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4337 Donlyn ct.
Columbus, Ohio 43232
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Phone: 614-531-6888
Email: osasosazemwinde5@gmail.com